Relativity is the most fully featured, web-based e-discovery application from processing through production.


A feature-rich, web-based platform, Relativity provides complete processing capabilities, computer assisted review, image and native file review, powerful searching, diverse coding options, flexible workflow capabilities, integrated productions, Unicode and foreign language support, and text analytics—all delivered in a highly scalable solution.

Relativity Processing is tightly integrated with review, so you can quickly ingest data and work with documents without ever leaving the system. A simple, intuitive workflow and a centralized dashboard make it easy to begin, track, and manage processing jobs, while graphical reporting provides complete visibility into processing activity.

Assisted Review
Relativity Assisted Review is the flexible and transparent computer-assisted review workflow that combines process and technology. Review teams begin by subjectively coding a sample set of documents or using previously coded documents as a seed set. Based on those expert decisions, Relativity categorizes the rest of the documents in a case. You then validate Relativity’s decisions by manually reviewing statistically relevant subsets of documents to ensure coding accuracy. Because batches of documents categorized by Relativity are validated using statistics, you can be confident in your results.

Text Analytics
Relativity Analytics allows you to speed up review and quickly identify key issues by searching and organizing documents based on concepts. Using Analytics, you can quickly separate out potentially unresponsive documents, automatically cluster documents, find similar documents, use email threading to automatically identify and organize email conversations, and verify the consistency of document review decisions.

Relativity allows you to create applications with no programming knowledge required. These applications can enhance existing capabilities in Relativity, or act as standalone applications to solve additional challenges. Examples include sophisticated privilege and production logs, applications to organize the facts of a case during review, and custodian trackers that provide reviewers with detailed, searchable listings of custodian attributes and their relationships to documents.

Relativity’s highly granular security architecture allows case administrators to set permissions by user and user group. You can limit users’ access to one document, a group of documents, data fields, redactions, highlights, annotations, TIFF-on-the-fly, and printing. You can also lock down users by IP address, limiting access outside a controlled environment. Relativity allows the same collection of data to be viewed in a limited format for expert review or in an expanded format for the case team, eliminating the need for multiple iterations of the same database. Additionally, Relativity is RSA secured for two-factor authentication, and provides Active Directory authentication.

Relativity’s integrated production capabilities offer a full range of options. You can brand documents with fully customizable production numbers, redactions, and other production designations, as well as produce in a variety of formats, including single- and multiple-page TIFF images, PDFs, and native files. All production documents are maintained in the same database, giving designated users the ability to view the original document and every instance of its production. Relativity also maintains a log of all production activity.

Data Visualization
Relativity Pivot allows you to visualize data and analyze it from the earliest stages of a case through the latter stages of issue review and deposition preparation. You can summarize all data in a case, displaying the results in a variety of ways, including tables and charts. The results are interactive, allowing you to drill into subsets of documents and take action, such as culling irrelevant documents, batching documents for review, and exporting a report of user findings.

Relativity is a registered trademark of kCura Corporation.


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